martes, 9 de agosto de 2005

¡¡¡FELICIDADES, CLON!!! (Inglis version)

My clone complies years. 30 chestnuts that fall to the poor one and says that that of the crisis of the 30 something is noted, however much a creates that are extras. I agree, 21 days they remain me me to and also I am noting it.
Good, crisis or not crisis, what is important is that today is its birthday and that is always motive of celebration. Asi that, clons, you apply you the story of the little card, that the ideal solution to these our problems seems me me to.


2 comentarios:

EmosionáClons dijo...

ayns, that I my have stayed all emocionated with the felicitation. You have reason that staying inmature is better that comporting as the person human sensate and cabal that touches now, asi that I go to lose the afternoon seeing televisión and eating kikos of the fats, but that yes, very emocionated by the congratulation in two idioms.

M. dijo...

Hay gente que se arruina con las bodas.... Tu grave problema creo que son los cumpleaños......