jueves, 6 de abril de 2006

¿Serial Killer? ¿Yo?

Nos reta Lironcillo a hacer el test del asesino en serie y como a mí los retos me pierden, pues...

aquí está, si yo fuera un asesino en serie sería:

If i was a serial killer i would be Ted Bundy.

In the early to mid 1970s Ted Bundy would murder over 30 young women. Most were attacked while walking in parks, found later to have been raped and strangled to death, but sometimes Bundy would go as far as breaking into their houses as they slept and beating them to death with a crow bar.

After being caught and convicted of the murders, Bundy accepted prison, acquired a new name and started his killing spree all over again. Soon after, Bundy was caught, but not before taking the lives of 3 more women.

Almost all of Bundy's victims were young white girls with long dark hair parted down the middle, all were raped, beaten and sodomized.

kill count: 30+

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Perturbador ¿verdad?

3 comentarios:

Lironcillo dijo...

Tanto test y tan poco trabajo es malo... yo estoy igual, a ver si pongo más.

Jo, tú si que eres una verdadera asesina en serie... qué miedo :S

fer prefiere otros test dijo...

Congratulations, if you were a serial killer you would be...
David Berkowitz
(AKA the Son of Sam)

Originally believed to be a paranoid schizophrenic, David Berkowitz (the Son of Sam), claimed to be plagued by demons that came in the form of dogs, when the dogs would howl, that was their signal for him to kill. He said that the dogs would call out to him for blood and death, and their cry's would only stop by killing and assaulting over 6 New York women.
In a later interview Berkowitz revealed that the demon story was a conscious fabrication that he had made up to force the police into believing he was insane if he was caught. He also confessed that he would become sexually aroused when stalking his victims and would sometimes come back to the crime scenes and masturbate while envisioning his prior killings.
kill count: 6

the big sister dijo...

da un poco de grima el test ¿no? A mi me ha salido Charles Manson. Pero me parece a mi que no, con el asco que me da la sangre y el miedo que me dan los cuchillos...